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John Zechner

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Fund Facts
Assets Under Management

$8.2 Million (CAD)


For accredited investors. Units of the Funds are qualified investments for registered products

Objective of the Fund

The objective of this Fund is to provide long-term returns that exceed the return on fixed-term investments by actively managing a portfolio that includes stocks, bonds and cash in varying proportions.

Investment Style and Process

A Balanced Investment Strategy is the right fit for many investors since it puts the key Asset Allocation decision into the mandate of the Investment Managers. This works particularly well at a firm like J Zechner Associates, which has always been more ‘Top Down’ focused in their investment decision-making process. We have generated excellent returns for our clients over the years using this investment strategy, in both up and down markets. The performance has tended to be particularly strong in periods of economic expansion. The strength of the returns and the uniqueness and logic of our approach is why we’ve continued to develop this core offering.

The historical performance data continues to show that we add the most value to the portfolio by actively managing the asset mix, continually re-balancing foreign exposure and Canadian equity exposure, as well as bonds and cash. The geographic allocation, the sector decisions and the individual stock selection all important parts of the total return as well. They are also strongly influenced by our top-down macroeconomic analysis, which spans government fiscal and monetary policies, foreign exchange, capital flows, investor psychology and projected asset class returns.

At J Zechner Associates we are active managers, meaning that we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the general economic, sector specific and individual company data points as they come in and we make the changes to the portfolio to reflect changes in the outlook from this data or from movements in the individual securities relative to their target prices. The process is designed to make a significant, positive impact to the client portfolio and follows thorough and unique research and analysis.

When investing in equities, we focus on solid companies with realistic opportunities for significant growth. We act quickly and decisively when investments under-perform, identifying and re-investing in securities with better potential relative returns.


Annualized Returns

As at March 31, 2024

Quarter 1 year 3 year 10 year
Pooled Balanced Fund 7.28% 4.46% 2.77%

Asset Mix

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