We partner with our clients to help them achieve their financial goals. Our service philosophy is simple: we collaborate with our clients to build a straight-forward investment plan that they can live with and stick to.

What We Do

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible long-term investment performance, commensurate with their specific plan objectives, based on each individual client’s requirements. We have the systems in place to manage individual client constraints at both the policy level and the security level. Using a team approach to investment management, we bring the skill and experience of the entire team to bear on our client portfolios.

For many individuals and families, there comes a time to consider specialized, private wealth management. We often work with clients who have outgrown their local advisor; or grown wary of the generic, one-size-fits-none investment strategies marketed to the masses; or they may simply be looking for a better ‘fit’ with the people that will help manage their portfolio.

We are not trying to be everything to everyone; rather, as you’ll discover, we’ve kept our focus to a few specialized investment strategies: small cap equity, Canadian equity, a balanced fund as well as a global hedge fund. We believe that these specialties can serve judicious investors remarkably well, while steering clear of investment fads and gimmickry.

We believe our size and experience are assets in Canadian private wealth management: we’re large and well-known enough to get access to to large scale opportunities, but small enough to gain access to other opportunities that wouldn’t register for larger firms and funds. And our size is also ‘just right’ to provide service that is both personal and well-managed.

We stress high quality and liquidity in all our portfolios, thereby purchasing primarily larger capitalization securities. We stick to our investment strategies consistently.

For Qualified Investors

Please note, the J. Zechner Associates Pooled Funds are available only to Canadian investors, who either i) qualify as Accredited Investors, or ii) invest a combined minimum of $150,000.

Qualified investors can choose to start out by investing in one or several of our pooled funds. However, we also offer more personalized investment solutions for clients who want to take part in our investment strategies, but may have special concerns or complex requirements.