At J. Zechner Associates Inc. (“JZAI”) our staff, including the partners, are held to the highest level of professional integrity. A restriction on personal investing is monitored vigilantly by our compliance committee. As well, JZAI is audited on an annual basis by an independent accounting firm. We ensure that all portfolios comply with their respective mandates. Our compliance process operates on several different levels to maximize consistency and accountability to our clients.

On a basic level, our portfolio administrators make sure all client accounts – including specific customer constraints – are operating on our computerized system. Our portfolio accounting system tracks client-induced constraints by sector or security.

In addition, a manual template is constructed for each account. On a daily basis, the portfolio managers go through each client portfolio and compare them to the consolidated matrix report to ensure consistency.

Finally, our partners conduct a review on a daily basis to match each client portfolio with the policy mandate.

Handling of Complaints

In the event that a client wishes to make a complaint about the firm, JZAI will make every endeavour to remedy the matter, following the complaint handling practice recommended by the Ontario Securities Commission and available upon request. If a dispute should arise that JZAI and the client are unable to resolve together, the clients is directed to the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman of the Ontario Securities Commission available for that purpose.