Portfolio Managers
Jacqueline Ricci

Jacqueline Ricci

Lead Manager

The focus of the Canadian Small Cap product is investment in the small and mid-sized companies powering Canada’s economy, finding those that are growing most quickly and sustainably. Suitable for investors looking for higher returns with some risk, the portfolio offers a Canadian equity position with excellent potential for long term growth and is well suited as a concentrated diversifier of an overall equity strategy.

With a large pool of potential investments, our research and analysis focuses on the companies that are not getting analysts’ attention but have significant potential. Before taking any position, we collaborate with analysts and company management to understand the operation, financial soundness and plans for future growth. Getting into high-growth companies at an early stage has allowed us to set our return expectations at 20 percent for one year or 60 – 70 percent over three years.

Sector weights and allocations play a back seat to stock picking in this Fund, although we often rally around a theme, such as natural resources to fuel growth in emerging economies.

The portfolio has a strong bias to growth stocks, and its success is driven by rigorous analysis of research and Jacqueline Ricci’s unique interpretation. It is this incremental intelligence that differentiates our Fund, and is a key characteristic of our small firm.