Our goal is to provide our institutional clients with the best possible long-term investment performance commensurate with their specific plan objectives, based on each individual client’s requirements. We have the systems in place to manage individual client constraints at both the policy level and the security level. Using a team approach to investment management, we bring the skill and experience of the entire team to bear on our client portfolios.

We stress high quality and liquidity in all our portfolios, thereby purchasing primarily larger capitalization securities.

Why Us?

With over 20 years experience of servicing institutional investors, we understand the importance of partnership and accountability. We stay focused on our four, time-tested strategies (see left); we’re not trying to be everything to everyone. We believe our scale puts us in an optimal balance: small enough to give our clients a high level of access, large enough to provide thorough support and service. Similarly, on the investment side, our size is often advantageous in terms of access to emerging deals and the liquidity of the positions available to us. If your organization is considering making a change in investment strategy or management, we hope you’ll put us on your short list. Like you, we understand the effort and analysis involved in setting the stage for a long-term partnership; we strive to provide our institutional clients with distinctive service and value.