High Performance Institutional Money Management

Our goal is to provide our institutional clients with the best possible long-term investment performance commensurate with their specific plan objectives, based on each individual client’s requirements.

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Smart Wealth Solutions for Individuals and Families

We partner with our clients to help them achieve their financial goals. Our service philosophy is simple: we collaborate with our clients to build a straight-forward investment plan that they can live with and stick to.

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COVID-19 Response

As the current crisis unfolded, we put our disaster recovery protocols into practice. Since the end of March 13th, our staff has been working remotely, with full and secure access to the data necessary to monitor and manage our clients’ portfolios. To learn more about investment and business continuity strategies at this time, click below.

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It’s not the end of a cycle: John on BNN Bloomberg’s “The Open”

July 19, 2021

John shares his views on the likelihood of a pullback and whether to position defensively.

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If you’ve watched BNN, you know that John is a sought-after market commentator, with deep insights on key sectors, important stocks, as well as the larger economy.

Latest Commentary

Product Shortages, Rising Costs, Slower Growth and Chinese Debt ‘Bombs’ Shake Investor Confidence

John Zechner

The ‘summer doldrums’ in the stock market continued into September with most stocks struggling but the large technology stocks keeping the overall averages from falling sharply.  However, markets in both the U.S. and Canada did experience some mid-month weakness that pushed the major indices down 5% from their peaks, before recovering slightly.  The fall in […]

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Bond Commentary | August 2021

Jeff Herold

Bond yields fluctuated in a narrow band in August as vacations led to lower trading volumes. Investors continued to express concern of the spread of the Delta variant virus and central banks held to their accommodative policy stance rhetoric. Economic data was generally positive in both Canada and the United States, but investor reaction to economic […]

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Bond Commentary | July 2021

Jeff Herold

North American bonds continued to rally during the month of July. Yields declined further below the trading range that was established back in March as fixed income investors seemed to be less interested in the level and direction of inflationary pressures and more focused on the risk of the potential spread of the Delta variant […]

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