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John on BNN: slower economic growth expectations

June 20, 2024

John shares his thoughts on how to navigate expections of slower economic growth going forward, on BNN’s “The Open”

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If you’ve watched BNN, you know that John is a sought-after market commentator, with deep insights on key sectors, important stocks, as well as the larger economy.

Latest Commentary

Technology Growth Stocks Still Have All the Tailwinds…..For Now!

John Zechner

“A day may come when” (sic) energy stocks trade up to normal valuations, when banks stop writing down bad loans, when small cap stocks see actual recoveries in their earnings and the entire stock market broadens far beyond the narrow leadership of a few, “but it is not this day.”  With full apologies for the […]

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Preferred Share Commentary | May 2024

Jeff Herold

In May, the preferred share market moved sharply higher. The month began strongly with reinvestment related buying appearing to carry over from the last day of April when investors received $850 million from redemptions. In the last week of the month, additional reinvestment related buying activity boosted the market as investors received another $1.35 billion […]

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Bond Commentary | May 2024

Jeff Herold

Last month we noted the strong correlation between yields of U.S. Treasuries and the bonds of other countries, including Canada. In May, that correlation continued but was made more remarkable due to the difference in their prospective monetary policies. Economic activity in Canada was tepid at best and the inflation rate continued to decelerate. In […]

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