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Our goal is to provide our institutional clients with the best possible long-term investment performance commensurate with their specific plan objectives, based on each individual client’s requirements.

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Smart Wealth Solutions for Individuals and Families

We partner with our clients to help them achieve their financial goals. Our service philosophy is simple: we collaborate with our clients to build a straight-forward investment plan that they can live with and stick to.

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COVID-19 Response

As the current crisis unfolded, we put our disaster recovery protocols into practice. Since the end of March 13th, our staff has been working remotely, with full and secure access to the data necessary to monitor and manage our clients’ portfolios. To learn more about investment and business continuity strategies at this time, click below.

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John on BNN: Much of the recovery is a mirage

June 30, 2020

John comments on Fed-fueled stock price surges

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If you’ve watched BNN, you know that John is a sought-after market commentator, with deep insights on key sectors, important stocks, as well as the larger economy.

Latest Commentary

Fed stimulus = feeding frenzy and zombie companies

John Zechner

The veracity of the rise in the stock market off the March 23rd lows has confounded many stock fundamentalists as the contrast of the ongoing economic deterioration versus the record-high valuation level of stocks seems to defy logic.  The quick, aggressive action of the Federal Reserve to provide massive amounts of liquidity into financial markets […]

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Bond Commentary ~ May 2020

Jeff Herold

In contrast with the volatility of the previous three months, Canadian bonds traded in a narrow range during May. Optimism that the worst of the pandemic is past led to many jurisdictions easing physical distancing restrictions and a rally in riskier assets. Canadian equities gained 3.0% while the U.S. S&P500 rose 4.5% and strong demand […]

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Yin & Yang: Brutal Economic Data vs Massive Stimulus

John Zechner

Stocks continued rising in May, but at a more subdued pace than the prior month, even though we did begin to see a broadening out of the gains and a rotation from the ‘stay at home safety trade’ that had favoured defensive and technology stocks towards the ‘value-oriented’ cyclical stock groups that would benefit most […]

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